Reta Bianculli
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Obituary of Reta C Bianculli

After spending 86 years with us, on this earth, Reta Bianculli was finally called home, early Saturday morning, on the 26th of February, 2019.  

"Her pain is gone, her suffering no more, in her loved ones open arms, she is welcomed, at Heaven's door." - J. Salvi

Reta was many different things, to so many people.  To some, she will forever be remembered as "Sgt. Reta," a dedicated and fiercely proud woman of the United States Air Force. To others, a loving Mother, doting Wife, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, a listening ear, and friend, to all.

With unfaltering love and compassion, she helped shape the lives of those closest to her, and touched the hearts and souls of all she encountered.  Her life became synonymous with the word, "Service."  Service to her family, friends, and country.

To say she was a "strong" woman, would be an understatement.  For no matter the troubles, or personal darkness she faced, her smile shined through.  Bringing light, to all who needed it.

She taught us all important life lessons, would always be there to listen and offer sound advice, (whether you wanted it or not), and always in her very, matter-of-fact way!  She was an amazing, funny, sassy woman, and I have been honored and proud to call her my Grandma, a friend, and kindred spirit.  For I saw my heart, reflected in hers!

While I, along with many others, will selfishly miss her presence, here on earth, I am reassured in knowing that her love of family and friends was only matched by her selfless care and service to others.

My heart is at peace, as I am sure, she is right where she was always meant to be.  With our Heavenly Father, in a mansion, so large, she could house all of Heaven, and I'm certain, she will. 


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